Akie Bermiss Trio this weekend!

Please join us for the Akie Bermiss Trio this weekend, Saturday the 4th.  Doors at 6:30, and show at 7:30. Information on the band in the event page, including additional logistics.  It will be a great night of amazing jazz music.

If you are on Facebook, you can also learn more at our page there.

Instagram @grandoakopry

We hope you can join us!


Ang and the Ranch Hands this Saturday (with a real horse!)

Please join us this Saturday the 28th for “Ang and the Ranch Hands“.  Weather should be great.  Logistics are in the event notice.

And as promised, there will be at least one real horse before the show thanks to the Saint Paul Police Mounted Patrol unit.  Show up between 6:30 and 7:30 to see the horse(s).

Thanks so much for your support. We hope to see you Saturday.

Logistics for King Courteen on Saturday night

Greetings! The fireflies have been out all week in anticipation of the show on Saturday. Perfect weather; incredible community; amazing music!

* Yard opens at 6:30 for the 7:30 show. $10 suggested contribution — 100% goes to the artist.
* Bring chairs and/or a blanket. We have some benches and extra seats on limited basis.
* Bring anything you want to eat or drink, including adult beverages. We suggest you stop by one of our sponsors, Liquor Barrel – West 7th St. Paul, or Waldmann Brewery on the way. Each is just a couple of blocks from our house.
* You can buy a Grand Oak Opry t-shirt, or King Courteen‘s ep at the show.
* We provide a bathroom (just one) and recycling/garbage. As people have noted, hydrate responsibly to avoid a line.
* Kids are welcome and can play in the front yard.
* Pets are not welcome. (Ours are kenneled inside and go nuts.)

Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible! Claddagh CoffeeLeitner’s Garden CenterLiquor Barrel – West 7th St. PaulSelby AcupunctureTimberwolf CrossFit, and Waldmann Brewery.

Thanks for your support. Can’t wait! See you soon!

King Courteen this Saturday the 7th

We’re excited to welcome King Courteen to the Grand Oak Opry this Saturday the 7th of July.  Doors at 6:30, show at 7:30. The weather looks perfect.

For more information on the show, and on King Courteen himself, click here.

This is a great chance to check out the place if you’ve never been before, and for those of you who have attended before but not heard Michael (King Courteen), you won’t want to miss him.

Logistics and information on attending in the event link.  Hope to see you soon!


Last minute details for tonight’s show

We can’t wait for the show! Some logistical recommendations:
* Stop by our sponsors, Claddagh CoffeeLiquor Barrel – West 7th St. Paul, and Waldmann Brewery and Wurstery to pick up something to drink/eat before the show. Because…
* You should plan to arrive early (6:30 doors) for the best spots. Bring a blanket/chairs, and anything that you want to eat/drink. Enjoy the great weather. We have a bathroom available.
* Suggested donation of $10, 100% goes to the artists.
* Show will start right after 7:30.
* Kids welcome! They can play in the front yard.
* Pets: Not welcome.
* We’ll have new Grand Oak Opry t-shirts for sale and Chastity Brown will have merch for sale.
* Street parking in the neighborhood. (Please be kind to neighbors who may temporarily lose their street parking.)

Don’t worry if you’ve never been to a show or don’t know anyone. Please join us! 🌈🎶🌈🎶

Logistics for Chastity Brown show this Saturday

We can’t wait for Grand Oak Opry Presents Chastity Brown this Saturday. Weather is looking perfect!

Some quick reminders about logistics, and some requests:

  • There are no tickets. For all shows we request a $10 donation/adult, with 100% of the proceeds going to the artist. Seating is first come first served, with gate open at 6:30.
  • We ask that you bring your own chair/blanket, and anything that you like to eat or drink. (Adult beverages allowed.) We provide an onsite bathroom in our house. 
  • Kids of all ages allowed. Young ones are free to hang out in our front yard if they need a break.
  • No animals allowed.
  • Spread the word! Share the event. Invite friends. Ask people to ‘like’ Grand Oak Opry on Facebook This is how we do publicity. We have amazing artists again this summer.
  • Click on Upcoming Shows to learn more about upcoming shows.

Thanks to our neighbors and all the people that make this possible. Saturday will be here soon!

2018 Grand Oak Opry Line Up: Chastity Brown to kick off on June 23rd!

We’re so excited for the summer 2018 concerts!  We have all new artists this year, and the widest diversity of musical styles ever.  Kicks off June 23rd with Chastity Brown!

Click on the link to learn more:

All shows are at our home, 273 Goodhue Street in St. Paul.  Instructions and and information on how it works are in each event.

Thanks so much to our sponsors: Claddagh Coffee, Leitner’s Garden Center, Liquor Barrel – West 7th, Selby Acupuncture, Timberwolf Crossfit, Waldmann Brewery.  Their support allows 100% of your contribution to go to the artists.

Damien Jurado plays Grand Oak Opry as part of “50 State Tour”

Grand Oak Opry is thrilled to announce a rare opportunity and one-time show: acclaimed urban folksinger/songwriter Damien Jurado will play at the Grand Oak Opry on Saturday October 21st at 4:00 p.m. as a part of his national “50 State Tour”. This is the only concert in the Twin Cities as a part of this tour.
* Doors at 3:00, show at 4:00.
* No advance tickets. Suggested donation of $20/adult, but we ask that people simply pay what you can. (No one will be turned away.)
* Bring a chair/blanket and anything you want to eat or drink. We provide water and a bathroom.
* Check the About page for information on logistics.
* See the Facebook event page to sign up and indicate your interest.
From Damien about this 50 State Tour: “It started as a dream as I drove past so many neighborhoods and towns on my way the “major market”. I have watched our choice to connect to the experience in front of us dwindle away, only to be replaced with connection to a screen. We are told what is success, sold what is the “it” thing, and fed what people think we should know. It’s not that any of those are bad, but on their own, they are nothing. We are nothing without the connection to one another. We are blessed to live in a beautiful world FULL of incredible people. If that isn’t worth getting together and celebrating, I don’t know what is. Join me in celebrating our country and the things that not only make us the same but also the beauty of our differences.”
The connection between Damien and Grand Oak Opry? Damien was the inspiration for Grand Oak Opry. It was after attending one of Damien’s shows in the Twin Cities in 2013, that we thought of the original idea for Grand Oak Opry. We wanted to create a community venue where people of all ages could hear performers like Damien.
More on Damien: Damien Jurado quietly built up one of the strongest catalogs on the indie scene, earning high critical praise yet somehow never quite getting his proper due. Nick Drake had a definite impact on much of his work, but Jurado modeled his career on more idiosyncratic, unpredictable figures like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, and Randy Newman—songwriters who followed their own muse wherever it took them, whether fans and critics enjoyed it or not. His independence was born at least in part from the influence of punk, and one of the results was a concern for emotional authenticity that led him to delve into other people’s lives instead of his own. Many of Jurado’s best songs spun concise, literate tales of quiet, everyday despair, which often earned him comparisons to short story writer Raymond Carver. But his storytelling bent—not to mention his ambivalence toward confessional material—arose from a stronger grounding in traditional folk than spiritual compatriots like Elliott Smith or Cat Power. And with detours into pop, roots rock, full-fledged electric indie rock, psychedelia, and even found-sound experiments, Jurado ensured that his body of work was impossible to accurately pin down.
For more:

Frankie Lee Saturday Sept 2nd at 8:00!

We can’t wait to have Frankie Lee perform on Saturday Sept. 2nd at 8:00

Logistics!! Please check out the notes below, with important information about the show.
* Event starts at 8:00, not 7:30. Doors open at 7:00. We won’t be able to let you in before then.
* Suggested donation $10/adult. 100% of proceeds to to the artists, thanks to our sponsors (listed below).  No advance tickets.
* Because there will probably be a big crowd, arrive early (anytime after 7:00) for best seats.
* Bring chairs/blanket.
* We provide water and a bathroom. Bring any beverage/food (including adult beverages) that you like.
* No dogs, or smoking. Or dogs that smoke.

Welcome to our backyard and our great neighborhood – West 7th!

Thanks SO much to our sponsors this summer: Claddagh CoffeeLiquor Barrel – West 7th St. PaulLeitner’s Garden Center, Selby Acupuncture,Summit Brewing Company, & Timberwolf CrossFit!

Frankie Lee DINER color.jpg