How does it work for bands?

  • We can’t offer a minimum guarantee, but bands averaged $1700, and over $3000 in two instances, in 2016. (We have details on attendance and range of income for bands.) Bands are free to sell merch, and we have provided volunteers for the merch table.100% of the merch proceeds go to the bands.
  • Attendance averaged 205 people in 2016.  Maximum of 350 people.
  • We have a canopy for rain (for the band) and a severe weather rain-out location at Art House North one mile from us.
  • We have a professional sound person who volunteers his time to help with necessary equipment (PA, mixing board, speakers, mics, etc.).
  • Neighbors volunteer as ‘greeters’ and to help sell Grand Oak Opry t-shirts and band merch.
  • Our kitchen serves as the ‘green room’, and we provide snacks and beverages that you request.