Damien Jurado plays Grand Oak Opry as part of “50 State Tour”

Grand Oak Opry is thrilled to announce a rare opportunity and one-time show: acclaimed urban folksinger/songwriter Damien Jurado will play at the Grand Oak Opry on Saturday October 21st at 4:00 p.m. as a part of his national “50 State Tour”. This is the only concert in the Twin Cities as a part of this tour.
* Doors at 3:00, show at 4:00.
* No advance tickets. Suggested donation of $20/adult, but we ask that people simply pay what you can. (No one will be turned away.)
* Bring a chair/blanket and anything you want to eat or drink. We provide water and a bathroom.
* Check the About page for information on logistics.
* See the Facebook event page to sign up and indicate your interest.
From Damien about this 50 State Tour: “It started as a dream as I drove past so many neighborhoods and towns on my way the “major market”. I have watched our choice to connect to the experience in front of us dwindle away, only to be replaced with connection to a screen. We are told what is success, sold what is the “it” thing, and fed what people think we should know. It’s not that any of those are bad, but on their own, they are nothing. We are nothing without the connection to one another. We are blessed to live in a beautiful world FULL of incredible people. If that isn’t worth getting together and celebrating, I don’t know what is. Join me in celebrating our country and the things that not only make us the same but also the beauty of our differences.”
The connection between Damien and Grand Oak Opry? Damien was the inspiration for Grand Oak Opry. It was after attending one of Damien’s shows in the Twin Cities in 2013, that we thought of the original idea for Grand Oak Opry. We wanted to create a community venue where people of all ages could hear performers like Damien.
More on Damien: Damien Jurado quietly built up one of the strongest catalogs on the indie scene, earning high critical praise yet somehow never quite getting his proper due. Nick Drake had a definite impact on much of his work, but Jurado modeled his career on more idiosyncratic, unpredictable figures like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, and Randy Newman—songwriters who followed their own muse wherever it took them, whether fans and critics enjoyed it or not. His independence was born at least in part from the influence of punk, and one of the results was a concern for emotional authenticity that led him to delve into other people’s lives instead of his own. Many of Jurado’s best songs spun concise, literate tales of quiet, everyday despair, which often earned him comparisons to short story writer Raymond Carver. But his storytelling bent—not to mention his ambivalence toward confessional material—arose from a stronger grounding in traditional folk than spiritual compatriots like Elliott Smith or Cat Power. And with detours into pop, roots rock, full-fledged electric indie rock, psychedelia, and even found-sound experiments, Jurado ensured that his body of work was impossible to accurately pin down.
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Frankie Lee Saturday Sept 2nd at 8:00!

We can’t wait to have Frankie Lee perform on Saturday Sept. 2nd at 8:00

Logistics!! Please check out the notes below, with important information about the show.
* Event starts at 8:00, not 7:30. Doors open at 7:00. We won’t be able to let you in before then.
* Suggested donation $10/adult. 100% of proceeds to to the artists, thanks to our sponsors (listed below).  No advance tickets.
* Because there will probably be a big crowd, arrive early (anytime after 7:00) for best seats.
* Bring chairs/blanket.
* We provide water and a bathroom. Bring any beverage/food (including adult beverages) that you like.
* No dogs, or smoking. Or dogs that smoke.

Welcome to our backyard and our great neighborhood – West 7th!

Thanks SO much to our sponsors this summer: Claddagh CoffeeLiquor Barrel – West 7th St. PaulLeitner’s Garden Center, Selby Acupuncture,Summit Brewing Company, & Timberwolf CrossFit!

Frankie Lee DINER color.jpg

Jayanthi Kyle and Le Voyage this Saturday

Jayanthi Kyle is an amazingly versatile performer. She’ll do a set with the improvisational jazz group Le Voyage, and a set with just her guitarist.

The event page, Jayanthi Kyle with Le Voyage at Grand Oak Opry will have the details.  Also the Facebook page for the event.

The weather should be beautiful. Expect some surprises, and great company and artistry! Join us!

Saturday the 29th with The Pines

We can’t wait for this Saturday with The Pines at Grand Oak Opry. The weather should be fantastic! Here are some points on how it will all work:

  • There are no pre-sale tickets. It’s first-come-first-served, with 100% of your contributions ($10 suggested) going to the band. We have never turned anyone away. (Not yet.)
  • Sign up and learn more on Facebook, here.
  • Arrive early for the best spots, but not before 6:30pm.
  • Bring a chair, a blanket, any food/drink you want (adult beverages are fine), and a friend/neighbor. We’ll provide water, a bathroom and great company. Kids are welcome.
  • There will be merch for The Pines and Grand Oak Opry for sale.
  • Just a reminder – no pets allowed.
  • Spread the word on the concerts. We rely on social media for almost all of our promotions. “Like” us and share the page if you can.
  • Please thank and support our sponsors.

Welcome to our neighborhood! It should be a fantastic night. Message us for anything else. Thanks!! – Sean and Tim

See you tonight at 7:30 for Andy Cook!

Don’t worry if you have never been to a show, don’t think you’ll know anyone, or haven’t heard Andy yet.

  • Your $10 donation, thanks to our sponsors, goes entirely to the artists.
  • Bring a blanket or chair, and anything you want to eat or drink. (We’ll provide a bathroom and water.)
  • The weather looks like it will cool off later this afternoon, but we have a rain-out site at Art House North down the street. You should check them out! Great partner.

Thanks to our sponsors who make this possible: Claddagh Coffee, Leitner’s Garden Center, Liquor Barrel, Selby Acupuncture, Summit Brewing, and Timberwolf Crossfit. Check them out too!

Click on “About” to learn more. Our address is 273 Goodhue Street in St. Paul.  THANKS!

More on Andy Cook here:
Web: www.andycooktunes.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/andycooktunes
Instagram and Twitter: @andycooktunes
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNyzHUBjsmE
Streaming: https://play.spotify.com/album/3tKimkfuAkx9aMTIC6tF7X


New show with Andy Cook on July 15th

We’re excited to announce a new show with Andy Cook on July 15th at 7:30 pm!

RSVP via Facebook

Andy Cook grew up not having a thing to do with music, not even listening to the radio in the car. He’s the first to say it’s pretty weird—but then again, what else can you expect from a hockey goalie?

As a kid unsure of himself, the game became a place to be someone else. But the truth is that a person can’t hide behind a mask forever.

After finishing college and the dreams of youth were replaced with the reality of unknown adulthood, music started to make its way in. One afternoon a song came on the radio that made Andy Cook want to make songs too. There was certainty—he had to pick up a guitar, learn to play, and begin to write. What started as an intrigued effort grew and grew, until Cook found himself immersed in the Minnesota music scene, learning from everyone he could and looking up to artists who a short time later would become teachers, producers, collaborators and bandmates. Life without music became impossible to imagine.

Andy Cook’s new EP “In Space” pulls on a combination of melodic guitar riffs, waves of synth and percussion, and longing vocals for a record that is both modern and reminiscent. Produced by Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird, Haley Bonar, Alpha Consumer), “In Space” covers territory from sweeping and psychedelic to urgent and pressing, with lyrics that pit a wry cynicism against determined optimism.

“These songs are about feeling like we know ourselves one moment, and like we’re lost the next. About having almost everything, but not the one thing. About all the spaces we find ourselves, inside and out. Because sometimes all we can hang onto are hopes and dreams, and in this space that might be all we need.”

Andy Cook is in many ways still that unsure kid. And while dreams change, they never die—and there is only more to come from this late-comer to the music scene.

Web: www.andycooktunes.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/andycooktunes
Instagram and Twitter: @andycooktunes
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNyzHUBjsmE
Streaming: https://play.spotify.com/album/3tKimkfuAkx9aMTIC6tF7X

Love of music, love of neighborhood

We host backyard concerts at our home that feature local musicians. 100% of the proceeds to support the bands.

Everyone is welcome to attend.We live in the “Uppertown” or “Dousman Park” neighborhood of St. Paul, in a pre-civil war house with a double lot and a 200+ year old white oak tree. The space works really well for music performances, and the neighbors have been incredibly supportive, including volunteering their time and skills to make these concerts happen. We’re lucky to live in a neighborhood with so many creative people in so many different fields of work.

Please contact us if you know or are a band intersted in playing the Grand Oak Opry.

(Header photo credit: Jason Campbell)